Levis Fine Art is pleased to present Maurice Golubov (1905-1987) Ahead of Time, an exhibition of paintings which will open September 18th and run through October 15th at their Chelsea gallery, 514 West 24th St., New York.

This exhibition of his visionary Abstract paintings, spanning 1925-1978 illustrates Golubov’s genius with form and color and the progression of his pioneering techniques that explore the plastic relationship between form, color and multiple dimensions of time.

A full color catalogue with essay by Lilly Wei, containing additional insights from Greta Berman, Susan Larsen, Francis V. O’Conner and Linda Dalrymple Henderson support this exhibition.

Francis V. O’Connor noted, in Maurice Golubov (1905-1987), His Abstract and Figurative Art: An Interpretive Essay, that “Golubov’s art can be seen as a continuous dialectic between what he wants to emphasize as meaningful — as he does in his expressionist figurative works that reflect his fraught boyhood in Russia as a refugee — and in his geometric abstractions, where he reduces his subject to the omission of everything but the design and color to reveal a “4th Dimension” of reality as he understands it.

Linda Henderson observed… Golubov invented “a unique way to overcome the containing faces of the cube by using the spiral to imaginatively pierce each face and extend space outward or inward from that plane,” Linda Dalrymple Henderson observed in her essay, Maurice Golubov and the Fourth Dimension. “He then suggested the simultaneous combinations of views that would result in an unprecedented, transparent intersection of multiple spaces…a highly original contribution to the rich painterly tradition of grappling with higher dimensions.”

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