Francisco Zuniga (1912-1998)


Recognized as one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century, Francisco Zuñiga’s masterpiece, Desnuda Reclinada, attests to his brilliancy in delivering works which simultaneously possess depth, strength, fragility and naïveté. “I conceive a sculpture as an organic whole with articulations, tensions and the internal movement of the mass, textures and forms, often ovoid, cubical or rounded,” stated Zuñiga.

According to Ariel Zuñiga, the artist’s son and executor of the Estate, Zuñiga began working in onyx as early as 1959. By 1975, Zuñiga worked only with black and red marbles, with a few exceptions. During his lifetime he created roughly 1,200 sculptures, of which only 143 (12%) were from onyx, making Desnuda Reclinada important and rare.

The above work will be included in the next Addendum to the Catalogue Raisonné. As per the Zuñiga Estate, the C.R. number will most likely be #232A, since the Estate uses the original plaster date to place original carved works. See C.R. 232 for the closest representation of this work created in plaster.