Cabot Lyford (b.1925- d. 2016)

Cabot Lyford :

Lyford began his career in TV production and advertising. In 1963 he was hired to teach sculpture and art history at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire.
He advanced to Chairman of the Art Department at Exeter and retired in 1985 to focus all of his attention on his art.

Lyford is recognized as being one of the most talented sculptors in the Northeast.
He is a carver, working predominantly in stone and wood, Canadian black granite being his favorite medium. Like the man himself, his style is straightforward and direct with few frills and even fewer pretensions. As was true of sculptor John Flannagan (a favorite of his), Lyford is able to coax wonderful images from stone and wood with such subtlety that it appears the image was always there, simply waiting to be released.

Lyford makes few detailed sketches when beginning a work. His drawings too, have an admirable strength and solidity. Often the material with which he is working suggest his subject and its form. Each material has its own character. Although Lyford Prefers granite, he also works in slate, fieldstone, wood, metal, including cast aluminum.

Cabot has also created a wonderful collection of puzzle sculptures as well as mobiles that excite and entertain the “viewer”.

LyFord works in watercolor and mixed medium to create paintings that reflect real life events, The 5:08, as well as water scenes and settings inspired by his time and life on the Coast of Maine.

In addition to a gold medalist at the National Academy and having participated in over 50 museum and gallery exhibitions, his works are in the permanent collection of the Portland, Ogunquit, Farnsworth, New Bedford and Wichita Art Museums.

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